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In “Moral Disorder”, the title story from her acclaimed collection, Margaret Atwood tells a simple farm tale, but with all the skill and invention of her other fantastic worlds. Now available as an eBook short!

At first, for Nell and Tig, livestock would mean deadstock. Newly-arrived city slickers shouldn’t have animals, they think, corroborated by the real farmers down the road. But Tig’s kids from his first marriage are at the farm on weekends, and it’s not a bad education for children to learn where their food comes from. First come the chickens, then the ducks, and before Nell knows it the cows have arrived too. Soon Nell finds herself becoming a different type of woman than she ever thought she might be.

"Moral Disorder" is a perfect entryway into the vivid worlds of Atwood’s fiction, whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime fan of her incredible novels. Read more about this and other #VintageShorts here: 

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