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RIP David Rakoff (1964-2012)

Humor writer/essayist David Rakoff has died from cancer, confirmed by his brother, comedian Simon Rakoff, via Facebook. He was 47.

In addition to his three books – Fraud, Don’t Get Too Comfortable, and Half Empty – Rakoff was a regular contributor to This American Life, and in May appeared in the This American Life Live stage show where he spoke about life after being diagnosed with cancer in 2010, and losing his left arm to the disease.

His moving performance can be heard in the episode “Invisible Made Visible”, via the This American Life website.


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    I did like his story telling. He so easily moved from being a Montrealer to a New Yorker must say something about big...
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    He was never perfect, but I ADORED him on this American Life.
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    I was really sad to read this today; I love David Rakoff’s books.
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    The lit world has lost a real gem.
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    Very sad. Fraud is one of my favorite collection of essays of the last decade. ^KE
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