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If you’ve never read David Wojnarowicz’s heartbreaking CLOSE TO THE KNIVES: A Memoir of Disintegration, you’re in for an incredible ride.  It’s an uncomfortably passionate and raw book — a scathing, sexy, sublimely humorous and honest personal testimony to the “Fear of Diversity in America.”

From the author’s violent childhood in suburbia to eventual homelessness and hustling on the streets and piers of New York City, to recognition as one of the most provocative artists of his generation — CLOSE TO THE KNIVES is an iconoclastic memoir of street life, drugs, art and nature, family, AIDS, politics, friendship and acceptance.

Pick it up — you’ll find yourself reading passages again and again, and recommending it to friends.


"David Wojnarowicz is brilliantly attuned to American talk and responsive to the moods and innovations of society’s truants. He also has the best conscience of any writer I know. This fierce, erotic, haunting, truthful book should be given to every teenager immediately." — Dennis Cooper

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