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This Weekend The National Book Festival Brings Dave Eggers, Jennifer Egan, and Toni Morrison to the National Mall in Washington, DC…

"Remember books? Those little sources of paper entertainment now contained in your Kindle or iPad? Yeah, we thought so. Miss them a little? Yeah, we thought so.

Fortunately, the National Book Festival, running Sept. 24-25, will gather dozens of authors on the National Mall for discussions, signings, bookselling and even the reading of Julianne Moore’s children’s book — by the author/actress herself.

Catch authors such as Pulitzer Prize winners Toni Morrison, Jennifer Egan and Michael Cunningham; plus Dave Eggers, Garrison Keillor, David McCullough and Sarah Vowell. See the complete schedule here (

Plenty of authors of kids’ books and teens lit will be there as well, including Sarah Desson (and do we really need to mention Julianne Moore again? Because we will).”

—Carissa DiMargo, NBC News

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